Class Descriptions

Fall 2023 classes... 

Please read through our wide variety of dance styles and the many class times we have to fit into your busy schedule.  All classes meet once a week. 

Creative Movement Children ages 2 and young 3 - This class is designed for our youngest dancers, introducing them to movement through musical games, songs and dances. Our goal is to have FUN while developing large motor skills, listening skills, body awareness and imagination. This class is independent of parent/guardian. This class will perform in the year-end recital. The class is 30 minutes weekly.  Cost is $45.00 a month, tax included.   Children will do one routine in the recital. 

Pre-Dance 1 and 2   age 3 and 4 - We feel a comfortable and friendly classroom atmosphere is very important for the little ones. Children are very enthusiastic when we use dancing, singing, and pretending to enhance their creative abilities.  Children learn to take directions, count, take turns, and tap and ballet fundamentals.  Our child music is peppy and familiar.  Beginning ballet steps with stretches, and tumbling.  Tap basics.  Children are very enthusiastic when we use dancing, singing, and pretending to enhance their creative abilities.  This class is 45 minutes weekly.  Lesson cost is $50.00 a month, tax included.  Children will do one routine for the recital.

Regular Kindergarten and First Grade - A fast paced class for the beginner or the experienced dancer.  Children do a 60-minute class, of tap, ballet, and stretch.  Children progress quickly at this age.  Children do two recital dances.  Lesson cost is $58.00 a month, tax included.                                 

Second and Third Grade - We offer beginner class as well as other levels for the dancer with experience.  Class is 60 minutes long, and consists of tap, ballet, beginning barre, and stretch.    See other classes available for this age in lyrical, jazz, hip-hop, tumbling, showstoppers, and musical theater. Lesson cost is $58.00 a month, tax included.

Intermediate Dance - Class is 75 minutes long, and consist of tap, ballet, beginning barre, and stretch.  Different levels are available based on your child's experience and previous progress.  For faster advancement we suggest a second class in tumbling for the strength and stretch, as well as classes in lyrical, jazz, hip-hop, or musical theater to round out their dancing progress.   Placement in levels is by the instructors. Lesson cost is $60.00 a month, tax included.   

Wee- Hip Hop/Jazz - Little kids love hip hop.  We play clean sounding music as they learn the hip hop moves and style.  Children must be 5 to 8 in age, and enrolled in a regular dance class.  Class is 30 minutes weekly, and the cost is $45.00 a month, tax included 45 minutes weekly $50.00 a month.  

Contemporary/Lyrical -  A versatile style that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical, and classical ballet.  Contemporary can be done to any type of music.  The dancer's performance and technical skills are expanded with this style.  Class is 30 minutes weekly for children age 8 and older.  Experience in dance is required.  The cost is $45.00 a month, tax included

Hip-Hop - A 30 or 45 minute weekly class.   Steps taught are a clean hip-hop street style, with lots of the tumbling tricks, moves, and attitude.  Classes are available starting at age 6 and up, with classes through the teens. A 30 min class is $45.00 a month, tax included and 45 minute class includes tumbling tricks, the cost is $50.00 a month, tax included.  We suggest you take a separate class in tumbling to better accomplish the hip hop tricks.

Tumbling - For boys and girls age 6 and up in several levels of classes.  The beginning tumblers work on various rolls, bridges, back bends, cartwheels, limbering and strength skills.  Intermediate and advanced children work on front and back limbers, front and back walkovers, arabians, back handsprings, and aerials.  The cost is $45.00 a month for a 30-minute beginning & Intermediate class. If placed incorrectly we will change your time.   Tumbling emphasizes a different set of skills than a gymnastics class.  More classes scheduled as needed.

Beginning Pointe Class - Advanced Pointe.   This is a 30 minute class for all qualified students.   The cost is $45.00 a month, tax included.  Beg. Class will work in ballet shoes, and you will earn your pointe shoes based on your development.  Semi-inter/Adv. Pointe is for dancers who have shoes and has a recommendation for advanced placement.

Elite members are chosen by teacher recommendations and auditions. To be in these select levels, you are REQUIRED TO TAKE CERTAIN CLASSES. If you cannot attend one of your required classes due to scheduling you will need to take that class with an equal or lower level class. These students work very hard, practice, learn quickly and take 7 to 10 classes a week, to accomplish the advanced levels.   We are always looking for children with these qualities.  Please mention at registration if you would like your child considered.  We only take a few, and if they do not make it this year, they need to work hard and try again.  Students must maintain good attendance, and competition class is optional, but it does push your skill level even higher.    Placement is by CDS Staff and Jenny.   You may not be placed in the level you attended in the summer.

All classes are once a week.  If you are new to our studio and have an experienced dancer, please call for a placement appointment Jenny Abben 393-2314Click on register now for fall class, on the registration page to get the registration process started.